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Location: 1 Priory Pl, Fairfax St, Coventry CV1 5SQ

““XIONG QI” as “Fighting” homophonic has obvious characteristics of Sichuan province and Chongqing province. XIONG QI hotpot cooking inherited from traditional handicraft of the early 1940’s. ChuQiMen Chili Cool devoted to development and research of the hotpot techniques in recently ten years. By 2021, we have five own Xiongqi Hotpots and two franchisees located in major cities in the UK . We won the Top 1 of the UK most popular hotpots in 2019. Xiongqi Hotpot is renowned for enabling our customers to enjoy healthy and authentic hotpot. We are not just provided the best quality hotpot but also outstanding customer services and wonderful physical and mental experiences, it makes you feel that you have sit on a local restaurant in Chengdu.”


Mon-Sun :  12am-10:00pm

Disclaimer: Kindly visit their website or contact them for most up to date information/timings.

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