Balbir Singh Dance Company presents Broken Tusk

September 25 & 26, 6.30pm & 8.30pm

Ganesh, the much-loved mythical Indian god in human form with the head of an elephant is coming to Coventry. Specially commissioned for the Festival of Imagineers 2017 Balbir Singh Dance Company’s exciting new production is set in Coventry’s Olympic pool, overlooked by Luke Jerram’s radiant moon with an array of musicians, singers, dancers and artists.

Perhaps he is expecting to nd Cofa’s Tree, the origin of Coventry’s name, to rest against after his travels, as he journeys to the sports centre, shaped in his likeness, to tell the story of how he lost his tusk, Ganesh who carries a water pot from the Ganges and came to life mixed in water will feel at home in the pool, hosted by Balbir Singh Dance Company.

Under a beautiful full moon created by artist Luke Jerram, tales of Ganesh unfold, sharing a culture and tradition that stretches back hundreds of years, but remains as popular today, as ever. Perhaps, not surprisingly, as he is the god of good fortune, removing obstacles and paving the way for success. There are many myths and stories inspired by Ganesh that are enjoyed equally by children and those searching for deeper mystical signi cance. Why does he have the head of an elephant? Who are his parents? How did he break his tusk? What does his birth signify?

This one off celebratory performance will have special resonance for Coventry where the elephant has long been a signi cant symbol and will re ect the moon’s unique place in human history as a cultural ‘mirror’ to our beliefs, understanding and ways of seeing and an inspiration to artists, poets, writers and musicians the world over.

Booking details for the Museum of the Moon and Broken Tusk will be available from 1 August.


Coventry Sports & Leisure Centre, Olympic Pool

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