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Tinker | Make | Play: Eggcelent Experiments

  • Category: Families
  • Venue: Coventry Transport Museum
  • Event Start: 23/03/2024 - 10:00
  • Event End: 06/04/2024 - 14:00

Tinker | Make | Play: Eggcelent Experiments

Face eggstreme challenges with curiosity, exploration and playful solutions.

FREE with admission | Drop in

Tinker | Make | Play Engineers are embracing eggy puns (and eggtivities) this Easter holiday and will find themselves faced with eggstreme challenges: Will they be able to transport a variety of fake eggs safely up and down, forwards and backwards? Will their eggs survive a drop? How many eggs will fit on their vehicle? Tinkering with STEM concepts showcased in some of our museum objects, join us to make eggcellent transport and find out how many eggs your machine can hold and move.

Did you ever wonder what engineering is all about?

At Coventry Transport Museum, we believe it all starts with curiosity, perseverance, and creativity. In proper engineering style, we have come up with the perfect formula for a workshop that will help develop those engineering skills.

Here it goes:

Tinker (To tinker at Coventry Transport Museum means hands-on exploring what real stuff is made of and how it works. Take a precision screwdriver and pliers to open up a laptop, vacuum cleaner, or any other everyday item. Find out what parts are hidden behind the covers and see what they do. We will provide a how to with the tools, the safety gear and the reference books because we are also always learning.)


Make (To make at Coventry Transport Museum means letting your imagination run wild, digging through our huge variety of resources and getting into the flow of making. Whether your project needs hardware, cardboard, electronics, timber, needlework or paint, our workshop will always be stocked with a broad selection of random stuff for you to work with. We will support wherever possible – as we are proud to be some of the biggest cheerleaders for great inventions.)


Play (To play at Coventry Transport Museum means to embrace PlayHEM which involves the nonsensical, the playful, the chaos, the unknown, the uncertainty, the process to make accidental learning happen. Get stuck playing in an open-ended play environment that offers a choice of wonderfully weird, yet also engineering-related, playthings and we will simply enjoy noticing how your whole family unknowingly plays about with engineering concepts.)


Tinker | Make | Play Engineers

You will need to bring:

• At least one very supportive grown-up to be with you throughout this workshop. We know from experience that all mums, dads, uncles, aunties, older siblings, grandparents, carers are perfectly qualified for this role as no previous engineering experience is needed (they are indeed very useful and really, really good at handing you tools)

We offer:

• A safe and relaxed space.

• Engineering Skills! You will use real tools to take apart or make things. So, you will build up your engineering skills no matter what.

• Permission to destroy!  So you can fully explore some things, we let you break them AND you will not be told off*.

• Fun! We are prepared to throw one or two surprise maker challenges at you just to keep you on your toes.

• Expertise! Our amazing experts from the Learning Team will encourage you throughout. They are experts in playful engineering. That means they are curious, they persevere, are imaginative, love solving problems and teamwork. They will happily offer their expertise and support you when needed.

*Please note we take no responsibility for the inspiration we evoke in your children to destroy and create their own inventions with your household gadgets.

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