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Romeo & Juliet

  • Category: Theatre Family Friendly
  • Venue: Belgrade Theatre
  • Event Start: 21/02/2025 - 19:30
  • Event End: 08/03/2025 - 21:30
  • Prices from: £18.00

Romeo & Juliet

Shakespeare and Rap. A love story.

The original play, originally scored – with rap and R&B.

Some aspects of this new, innovative co-production of Romeo and Juliet aren’t new at all.

Everything that makes Shakespeare’s play so well loved is here. The rich, feuding families. The intense, forbidden passion. And the flash of violence that tears the young lovers apart, sending them spiralling towards tragedy.

This is unmistakeably Shakespeare’s love story, unaltered in its original text. But it’s not just Shakespeare’s play. There is an important Plus One: rap.

Our story shines with new, original elements of rap – as well as soul and R&B. Think everyday English as well as the Elizabethan variety. And the poetry of rap rhythms as well as perfect pentameters.

Romeo and Juliet is a co-production with Bristol Old Vic and Hackney Empire. Directed by Corey Campbell, creative director of the Belgrade, the play springs from our communities. The music elements reflect a collaboration with new company, That’s a Rap. And we’ve worked with local young people who have been taken out of mainstream education, on the production.

Together, we’ve created something unique. A Shakespearean lyrical love story – for people who love the music of the spoken word of every generation.

Artwork by Feast Creative.

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