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Crazy Rah Art

Open with restrictions in place

Location: Market Hall, FarGo Village, Far Gosford Street, CV1 5ED

Many people ask why ‘Crazy Rah?’
Well, once upon a time I was at art college and there were two Sarahs in our group of friends. It was decided that she would become ‘Sar’ and I would be ‘Rah’ and yes, she was the sensible one, whilst I was a little crazy.

Let me tell you about my art…
I am an artist with a passion for texture and spontaneity and, as much as I am a printmaker, I am also a painter. A painter that creates large, vivid, colourful, abstract paintings that explore the freedom that I have never had before with my art. I have found a way to express my love for life, my love of colour and my obsession with texture to become a large, vivid, kaleidoscopic canvas of provocative texture.”

My process is an extremely organic one, I chose a texture then start mark-making, however at this point I start to listen to what the canvas wants and needs. I never work with a design/image in my mind. I totally immerse myself into the canvas and let the creativity flow instinctively. This is also the same way I add colour to my canvas.

The textures I use are many and varied from shredded paper to grit, the rule of thumb is if I can use it, I will. I tend to add the texture with a pallet knife however if it makes a mark then I will use it.

I use many different types of paint, once my texture has dried I will spray paint the canvas choosing the colours I think ‘she’ needs (yes my canvases are girls) sometimes this can be a long process as ‘she’ doesn’t always agree with my choices. I then will work with acrylic paint and ink and slowly build lots of layers of colour, my final layer is always a glass paint and this is what gives my canvases their shine.

Crazy Rah Art


Opening times

Open with restrictions in place 

Thur-Sat: 11am-4pm

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FarGo car park or On Street Parking

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