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The Nook Urban Retreat

The Nook Urban Retreat

Location: 6 Upper Precinct, CV1 1DE

The Nook Urban Retreat is the first dedicated yoga studio in Coventry city centre. Our urban retreat brings together yoga, massage therapy, meditation and a Tea Lounge under one roof.

We built The Nook Urban Retreat as a haven of calm and wellness for busy modern lives – that little quiet corner you know you can always pop by for some ‘me’ time. Step in when you need a moment to recollect yourself. And step out feeling at your absolute best.

Our journey was inspired by Michelle, who was struggling to keep up with a demanding career in London alongside maintaining some form of work-life balance. Things quickly became exhausting and she started looking for an outlet for her stresses. She was never a fan of the gym, but quickly fell in love with yoga after stepping into her first class several years ago.

It was then that she realised the need for a place where anyone could come in and take time for themselves. And so The Nook Urban Retreat was born – a space of calm and wellness for busy modern lives.

Opening Times

Open with restrictions in place 

Usual opening hours
Mon-Fri: 7.30am-11am & 5.30pm-8.30pm
Sat: 10.30am-12.45pm
Sun: 10am-12.15pm


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