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The Green Dragon

The Green Dragon

Location: 21 Spon Street, CV1 3BA
Cuisine: Coffee, cake, chicken, pizza and beer

The Green Dragon. Independent Coffee Shop, Bar & Restaurant on Medieval Spon Street. Championing the best of British produce within a unique and stylish 15th Century medieval setting We have coffee and cake to go.We have yum baked goods to go.We have sourdough Pizza to go.We have our crispy fried Chicken to go.And finally we have an array of beers, wines and spirits to go!So basically we’re inviting you in to have a look around and try our food and drink…..but you’re going to have to take it with you.

Open with restrictions in place 

Mon-Sun: 9am-9pm

9am-5pm Coffee & Cakes
12noon-9pm Pizza, chicken and baked goods

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