Theatre Absolute – Witness 2 Control Room>Home

September 29, 2.00pm

Award winning writer and artists Chris O’Connell & Julia O’Connell continue their performance research for the Festival of Imagineers, building on their R&D for ideas for a new performance piece, Witness during FOI 2016.

This latest research, Control Room>Home will be an exploration of Arti cial Intelligence (AI), The Slow Movement, ‘social’ robots and their ability to relate to the human condition.


Articial Intelligence (AI) – is intelligence exhibited by machines. The term ‘arti cial intelligence’ is applied when a machine mimics ‘cognitive’ functions that humans associate with other human minds.

The Slow Movement – is a term describing a wide range of activities taking place around the world that seek to connect us more meaningfully with others, with place, and with ourselves. It emerged to counteract the fast-paced, impersonal nature of much of modern human culture.

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